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Cute pic of a French Bulldog

Check the calendar below for our availability.
Book your summer holidays now!

We have all weekends available, unless showing as booked.

We can only take a small number of weekday bookings. So please get in touch to confirm availability.

You can contact us via:

GREEN = Unavailable

PURPLE = Booked

Staunton House country park and gardens at sunset.

We are so lucky that we are just a 2 minute walk from Leigh Park Gardens and Havant Thicket.

The woods and lake offer beautiful walks, with lots of sniffs for the dogs, and lots of lovely views for the humans!

Back at the home HQ we can offer a whole host of other benefits for your dog during their stay:

  • Large garden for zoomies and play.

  • Paddling pools to splash in.

  • LOTS of toys!

  • 2 bouncy puppies.

  • Snuggles.

  • Comfy beds and blankets.

We only accept up to 2 dogs, and only ever from the same household - meaning we can offer a much more personal experience for your pooches.

They are never left alone, as someone is always at home and they will be supervised at all times during their holiday.

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