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Bourner Supporters

Thanks to these companies who are supporting Bourner Boarding by supplying treats and other goodies.

We add these to doggy bags for dogs to take home with them after their holidays.

Thank you

All logos and names are trademarks of their respective organisations, used here by Bourner Boarding with agreement.

50% OFF

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fresh  take on dog food

What's fresh dog food?

Human-quality meat and vegetables, gently cooked to create simple, tasty, and complete meals. All created with the right balance of vitamins and minerals for dogs of every age.
 Gently cooked, never any nasties 
We only use the very best human-quality ingredients we can find.
 Fussy eater approved 
A menu of mouth-watering meals to satisfy even the fussiest of pups.
 Perfect portions to your door 
We make it easy to feed your dog the fresh, healthy meals they deserve.

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BusterBox logo
£15 OFF

How BusterBox Works

BusterBox step 1

Step 1
Subscribe to BusterBox.

Monthly dog joy is just a click away. Starting from just £22.99/€25.99!

BusterBox step 2

Step 2
We ship your box of goodies.

Your first box will be shipped immediately, all remaining boxes are shipped on the 15th of each month.
Free Shipping!

BusterBox step 3

Step 3
Your month-long dog party begins.

They'll never bark at the postman again! Valued at over £35!

McAdams background.jpg
Less than
of the UK's top selling pet food is made with free range or high welfare meat and fish.*
* Based on sales data from one of the UK's largest pet retailers.
We make the only dry pet food sourced from RSPCA Assured farms and we want to encourage people who share our values to think about how their pets' food is farmed, as well as their own.

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Every bag of McAdams baked complete sold in the UK will raise funds to support the RSPCA’s vital work.
Highest welfare,
highest quality,
every day
Tails dot com company logo

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Back in 2013, a small group of people came together to bring one vet’s idea to life.

They set out to solve a problem at the heart of pet food: despite the overwhelming choice of one-size-fits-all food in the shops, there was never anything that could tick all the boxes. Long lists of mysterious ingredients on the label only made things more complicated – there had to be a better way to feed dogs right.
And so began, assembling a crack team of experts including vets, nutritionists and engineers (and their dogs) to develop a super-smart way to create a unique recipe for every single dog – yes, even yours.
From your dog’s weird preference for whiffy fish smells, to that itchy skin condition, your dog’s recipe is based on information only you could know.
Bounce and Bella company logo

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Bounce and Bella's Three Pillars

• We want to help end your pet parent worries over hidden nasties.
• By offering simple yet tasty dog treats with just a few premium ingredients.
• Which means you can relax knowing exactly what your dog is eating.
Grub Club logo

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Tail-waggingly tasty, naturally hypoallergenic, and planet-friendly, our vet-approved insect-based products deliver all the nutritional goodness of regular meat, but without the carbon footprint and meat-related allergies, which is great news for glossy coats, happy tummies, and the planet!
We’re on a mission to empower as many paws as humanly possible and create a pack of like-minded people all dedicated to their pet’s prosperity. So where better to start than with nutritional superfoods that are great for your pet and great for the planet, too.
Walker and Drake company logo

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At Walker & Drake we love our dogs.
We believe that putting the gut health of your dog first comes with so many benefits.
It is the underlying principal behind a happy and well behaved dog and is why we advocate all owners to use our nutritionally complete, cold pressed dog food.
Walker & Drake is the highest independently rated, UK manufactured, Cold Pressed Dog Food.
Omni logo.jpg

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Delicious & Healthy,
planet friendly dog food.

Made by vets and scientists with the best ingredients tailored for dogs of all ages.

Vet Formulated
No Meat-Allergens
Protein Rich
UK made
Planet Friendly
Bonza background.jpg
Bonza sustainability leave only paw prints
bonza logo

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Our wish? To inspire an everyday healthier life for our dogs and the planet.

Our hope? To leave a world to our children and grandchildren in a healthier place than it is today.




Burgess logo

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The health and happiness of our animals is our number one goal and our expert knowledge in animal nutrition helps us achieve this. We believe in responsible ownership, supporting welfare and education as well as making healthy, nutritious and tasty animal food.
Burgess Sensitive Adult Lamb
Burgess Sensitive Puppy Turkey
Burgess Paul O'Grady No Nasties Lamb
Burgess Supadog Salmon
Sniffe & Likkit background.jpg
Sniffe & Likkit logo

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Great Grooming & Gifting

...because they're 'woof' it!

Quinte'scent'ially British

Celebrating the joy of pets, our boutique collection of grooming gifts and treats keep hounds and homes in harmony.
From at-home washing, to on-the-go necessities, nutritious treats and fantastic gifts, we bring a fun tongue-in-cheek 'scents' of humour to all things dog.
Fun, fabulous & fragrant, our multitasking products have been specially formulated to deliver top quality grooming results at home.
Made in the UK, our grooming range uses a 100% natural aromatherapeutic scent alongside natural, active and botanical ingredients that are vegan friendly and pH balanced for dogs skin and fur. Our tasty treats are hand-baked in small batches in the heart of the English countryside.


Rads Doggie Delights Dog.png
Rads Doggie Delights Logo.png


All Things Natural For Dogs

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100% Natural Treats, supplements and more

Our Mission is to help more dogs live a happier and healthier life by providing the best quality 100% natural dog treats at great prices.

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dog's lounge logo.jpg
Dogs Lounge website banner
Dog's Lounge is a family-run dog food supplement brand. We offer made in the UK and the US premium quality products at affordable prices. We believe every dog deserves to live a healthy and active life and great nutrition is the key to achieving it.
Here at Dog's Lounge, our primary goal is to ensure that every dog lives a healthy, happy and active life, as there's nothing better than seeing a smile on your furry friend's face all day, every day. We know proper nutrition can make it happen. 
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